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Facts and figures: Mumias

Prevalence in Mumias district lies with 7.5% above the national average. Just as in most African countries HIV/Aids is disproportionately female in Mumias too. Influencing factors are the poverty rate (55.6% oft he population in Mumias lives with less than 1$ per day), polygamy, inheritance of wifes after the breadwinner’s death and last but not least migrant workers turning into sugar daddies from all over East Africa – atrracted by the Mumias Sugar Factory. The Transafrican Highway Mombasa-Uganda adds prostitution to the list. Mumias district records a mounting HIV/Aids prevalence, a mounting Aids inflicted death rate and a considerable rise in aids orphans. Statistically Mumias has mesured 60’000 child laborors and 58’000 Aids orphans in 2011.