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Who We Are

Aids & Child was founded 1988 when everybody was fearing an Aids pandemia in Europe and the scenario for Switzerland anticipated thousands of infected and/affected children. As we now all now, this luckily didn’t happen in Europe and Northern America – in Subsaharan Africa however it  has become a tragic reality sadly increased by poverty and ignorance.

People getting involved with an organisation do so because they care for the cause,  want to do something to strengthen civil society and help to strenghten the weak and help the poorest. These are the drivers behind the committment of the people on the strategical als well als the operational level of Aids & Child.

Operational Level – The Office

All operational work is done by the office. The operational team consists of the co-directos Carmen Rahm and Martin Ramsauer and the accountant Karin Würth.

Strategical Level – The Board of Trustees

The board of Aids & Child consists of seven trustees who all commited themselves to voluntary work. The board is responsible for the finances and the business strategy. It’s members are selected interdisciplinary.

  • Zingg, Walter, PD Dr. med. Geneva, President
  • Beck, Lucas, Dr., Consultant, Zurich
  • Fischer, Anton M., Dr. phil., Zurich
  • Ganz, Eliane Dr. LL.M. Lawyer, Zurich
  • Josef Hollenstein, Zurich
  • Maeschli, Bettina, lic. phil I, MAS  CCM, Zürich
  • Sprecher, Charles, Financial Accountant, Zurich