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Our Principles for Your Trust

Aids & Child Foundation is helping children infected and affected by HIV/Aids when no other support is available or within reach for them. Our work currently focusses on South Africa, India and Kenya. We develop our own projects/programmes and select our local partners proactively. Kindly note that we  do not accept proposals.

Presencen in  South Africa, Kenya and India
These three countries are within the top five of the most HIV/Aids-affected countries worldwide – and they also have enormous wealth disparities and the majority of their population lives in sheer poverty. Aids & Child has a network of local partners  that allows us to reach out to communities which do not receive other support. We are not welcoming proposals from groups or organisations.

1st Criterion: Exceeding Prevalence
We engage in projects where the HIV-prevalence as well as poverty rate exceed the national average and  where an above-average number of affected children/young people live.

2nd Criterion:  Size and Local Impact
We design and/or improve small, local projects, well anchored in the community so that the effects are more sustainable.

3rd Criterion: Holistic Support for the Children
We engage in projects assisting children comprehensively, including education, nutrition, access to general health services, psycho-social support and protection against violence to enable empowerment.

4th Criterion: Good Governance
We engage in projects which conform to the structures of good governance (with the separation of operational/supervisory powers), have clear processes. Our local partners are registered and experienced NGOs.

5th Criterion: External and Independent Financial Audit plus Comprehensive, Meaningful Report
For our local partners it is a must to  have their financial accounting externally and independently audited,  deliver meaningful reports on objectives, target groups, output, outcome and impact, proactively integrate challenges and lessons learned among others.

6th Criterion: Extended Leverage
We engage only when there is a tangible additional leverage other than the immediate effect of monetary contribution for the project and the implementing partner.

7th Criterion: Inclusion and Exclusiveness
We exclusively engage with projects without any no other donor from Switzerland. Development and improvement of A&C projects are done jointly.

8th Criterion: Transparency and  Cooperation
We exclusively engage in projects that may be implemented with a partner who is interest in a genuine partnership with Aids & Child and thus ready to comply with our policies and requests.

9th Criterion: Monitoring and Controlling
Monitoring and controlling is guaranteed through regular field visits and reporting duties tailored individually to each project. The Aids & Child Foundation is not a donor but  an operational partner.