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Window of Opportunity

Eighty plus HIV-positive children in and around the remote village of Butere, Western Kenya, meet on a monthly basis at Shikunga. Some of them walk barefoot for hours just to get there – because of the food and the playful games that await them. Some are teenagers, others still under five years old. All oft hem have lost one or both parents to Aids and live in utter poverty.

Since 2014 these activities, started by a local group of volunteers, have seen an add on through Aids & Child. For instance, all the childrens’ general health is checked and treated during the monthly meeting day. The most vulnerable 60 children and families are regularly vistided at home by our local outreach health and social workers; they count pills to monitor adherence, counsel, see to medical emergencies, collect drugs and bring children to clinics. 60 kids get uniforms, we pay for primary school llevy fees, books and pens so that the children may conitnue going to school. Two youths are enrolled in a training college while others go to secondary school.


  • HIV+ children and their HIV+ guardians survive.
  • Improved general health, regular checkups and free treatment of the most common ailments, improved adherence and medical emergency support fort he most vulnerable HIV+ children
  • HIV+ children have an improved and regular school attendance. Selected pupils get a chance for profressional training that will lead to sustainable income.

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CHF 20 – buys one set of reusable hygiene pads including soap and bucket.
This supports the school attendance of an HIV+ girls for one full year – as she will be able to go to school and not stay home during her menses.
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CHF 50 – sends five children to school as it buys five sets of uniform for primary school
We contract a local, HIV+ seamstress for this job and thus not just send children to school but also generate reliable income for a very vulnerable family. In Kenya, children may only go to school with the official school uniform.
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CHF 400 – one year of professional training.
Buy a ticket for a future with a sustainable income: allow a youth to register with a high quality local training college for electrician, seamstress, tailor, welder or carpenter.
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