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Children for Change

Mandlakhazi, Mavelle and Nkambo villages are hard to reach and forgotten places –  located in Mopani District, Limpopo Province. HIV/Aidsprevalence is estimated to be at 24,8% thus each and every familiy is infected and affectd by the virus still deadly for far too many. There are numerous and uncounted aids orphans, surviving somehow with an elderly caretaker or an otherwise sick relative. Very often, the grandparents, aunties or uncles cannot do much for them as they are very poor: statistics confirm what Aids & Child has seen on the ground –  more than ¾ of the population lives in utter poverty. Furthermore, most oft he caretakers are old and frail. The parenting generation is absent – they either moved away in their search for labour or were killed by Aids.

In these remote and poor villages we are committed to make a difference and create a chance for 2’552 vulnerable aids affected and/or  HIV-postive children (Age 0-18) and 3’013 adults (ages 18 years plus) from aids affected/infected families. Together with the local authorities, traditional leaders, the village population, school boards, the respective clinics and the aids orphans, we empower the children as well as their caretakers.


  • Economic strenghtening of HIV/Aids affected households with children
  • Improved health and wellbeing of HIV/aids affected and infected children and their guardians.

Your Donation Does Make a Difference

Your donation of CHF 20 provides one caretaker or adolescent with the training and a starter kit for the organic garding group and regular follow up be mentors.
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Your donation of CHF 80 pays for one female caregiver to join a Voluntary Savings and Loan group, recieve training and be menotred for a full year. Thus, the family is better protected from loan sharks  and further indeptment – be it in a health crisis or for any other spendings.
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Your donation of CHF 100 sends our psychosocial support team to regularly visits one affected family with children for a whole year.
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