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Asha – Window of Hope in Hyderabad

India is home to the worlds third largest population of HIV-positive people: 2.1. million live with the virus. Contrary to the situation in Africa HIV is not yet a general pandemic but contained within so called bridging populations such as sex workers, migrant workers or truck drivers. UNICEF estimates that more than 4 million children in India are affected by Aids – most of them in so called high prevalence settings in big cities such as Hyderabad. The city of Hyderabad is one oft he the most important hubs for human trafficking within India.

Victims of Poverty and Ignorance

The situation for female sex workers is especially dire and complex as most of them have been trafficked into this trade. They have no perspective out of their ordeal -many of them are actually still girls. Migrant workers and theri respective families are just as badly hit by HIV and Aids. Truckdrivers very often have more than one family and are highly exposed to HIV. Unqualified migrant workers – most oft he time the poorest of the poor – leaving their villages in search for an income and a better life find themselves stranded in slums or on buidling sites. Trying to eke out a living they also form second families – unaware of their risks. HIV is big in these population: prevalence in hyderabadi sex work surrounding is esteemed to range from 10 to 40% – definitely African HIV-prevalence numbers.

Education and Skills Training– a Perspective for Life

That is were we come in. We provide temporary shelter, food and health care for the most vulnerable children and youths. We get them back to school and support with daily tuition and also work with their sick parents to stabilize the family. Skills training for female adolescents and young adults guarantee an income and with this a perspective in life. As we adapt and improve our various trainings in collaboration with the relevant industries, our students usually have a job guarantee once they graduate.


  • Set up and running of safe places  for HIV/aids infected and affected children/youths/young adults
  • Improved general health and wellbeing of HIV/Aids infected and affected children/youths/young adults
  • Improved access to education and improved school performance for HIV/aids infected and affected children
  • Jobintegration for affected/infected youths and young adults

Your Donation Does Make a Difference

CHF 20 buy one month of tuition for two children. Help ensuring  that the most needy children actually get through their education and perform well. Donate Now

CHF 110 buys a three months job training plus job integration for a young female –  thus prevening her form being trafficked into the sex trade. Donate now

CHF 120 gets one child that had to quit school back to school to him or her complete basic education.  Donate now

Asha-Window of Hope has been supported by Migros Aid Fund.