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A Window of Hope in Sofiatown/Gauteng

Mothers  in the slum of Sofiatown in Johannesburgh very often have but one possibility  to earn the money they need to somehow muddle through – prostitution. Therefore, the HIV/Aids prevalence is disproportionately high in these poor neighbourhoods and many children are on their own, taking care of a terminally ill parent with Aids. This is where our Partner SCPS (Sofiatown Counselling Psychological Services) comes in and offers a secure space for aids orphans or children affected by Aids with multiple trauma and an incredibly difficult situation with regard to their own survival.

The counsellors of SCPS show them through guided grieving processes in individual as well as group based interventions. Volunteers and professionals alike help these children through the hassles of everyday life with school and public authorities. Furthermore SCPS conducts groups – lekgotlas – for elder HIV-positive caregivers bearing the brunt and organizes therapeutic holiday camps for children affected by HIV/Aids – a window of hope. With this,  we reach out to 150  children and 130 adults per year.


Creating a safe therateutic space for children with multiple trauma – i.e. HIV/Aids, loss of parents, siblings, sexual abuse and assaults in the decrepid slums of Sofiatown East and West. Helping them through grieving processes and tapping into their own power for their future. Empower and enable the children and their primary caregivers .

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Your donation of CHF 60 buys one year of therapeutic group sessions for an Aidsorphan or for a Granny 
Dealing with the premature loss of a parent or another primary care taker to Aids in the harsh surroundings of a slum or township is a matter of physical and emotional survival. In therapeutic groups, children  get the support and care to help them through the grieving and loss while their new care givers are seperately supported and counselled.
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Your donation of CHF 110 buys one year of regular supportive outreach visits to an HIV-positive mother living in a slum 
HIV-positive mothers or aunties caring for  children without any reliable source of income very often extremely isolated and caught in a vicious circle and abusive relationships. Our experienced outreach workers help stabilizing the health aspect and offer emotional – and if need be as well emergency-support with the aim to improve the overall situation of the adult and the children under her care.
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Your donation of CHF 200 buys a full year of weekly tutorials for an aidsorphan living under precarious circumstances
Studying in an over croweded room, without silence or privacy is affecting any learner, let alone those who are not the brightest. Our weekly tutorials target those with learning difficulties – and our aim is not necessarily good grades but improved learning skills and social behaviour. Plus the children experience learning to be fun.
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