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Prevention in Schools with Theater and Mobile HIV/Aids Testing

Completed project

This project had always been planned for three years only. Therefore we focussed on building students-health clubs in its third year. They are regularly run by the students themselves and will be going on since we have managed to place them under the tutelage of the Regional Aids Control Unit. This unit stays with the local minister of education and collaborates with the local health authorities.

In Mumias, Western Kenya poverty, sugar cane processing plants and long distance truck drivers are abundantly present and responsible for a disproportionaltely high HIV/Aids prevalence. Potentially life saving prevention and information does not reach children or youths because teachers find it difficult to talk about sex and sexuality. Cultural norms in fact bar them from touching the subject as they are persons of respect. Yet children and youths are getting pubescent very early nowadays and they run an extremely high risk to get infected due to the prevalence rate

That ist he reason for our partner SAIPEHs reaching out and bringing prevention to school with theatre and healthtalks. This form of information has a very high significance and credibility with the local population oft he Luhiya. Furthermore, SAIPEH is training teachers with a handbook along the Kenyan syllabus that should make it easier for them to actually bring up the taboo topic in school.

Additionally and together with the preventive healthalks and theatres mobile HIV tests are offered together with pregnancy tests and breast cancer screening that reaches out to 9 primary and 9 secondary schools twice per year. This package gets the young girls tested and cleverly outwits fear from HIV/Aids and stigma.


Better knowledge of HIV/Aids transmission and thus on the long run better basis for protective behaviour with children and youths. HIV/Aids prevention at primary and secondary schools reaching out to approximately 12’500 – 15’820 children and youths annually.

Reduction of mother to child transmission in young mothers and higher testing rates with 6’200 girls annually.

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HIV/Aids-Prevention for 80 Kids – CHF 100.–

Your donation of CHF 100 helps to reach out to 80 especially vulnerable kids and youths with Aids-prevention that helps them to protect themselves better. With theatre, knowledge tests and mobile HIV-testing we reach the children in the schools of Mumias district.