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Vumilia Children’s Home

Completed project

Our steady support has been with Vumilfa foreign years. This allowed for a wonderful evolution and growth. The project started out in rented rooms with tricky security and nowadays  is a proud and well managed organic farm with a solid, well constructed house, good hygiene, homeschooling for primary school,some heads of cattle, chicken,fish and rabbits - but above all 28 smiling, energetic children full of live. The home is now stable and has attracted support for the agricultural production of the farm - this will keep the home going as well as new donors from the UK. Aids & Child is proud to let go

The Children’s Home Vumilia close to the Kakamega Natural Reserve has been supported by Aids & Child since 2006. Vumilia is home to aids-orphans and sexually abused girls. The serverly traumatized children – thirty girls and two boys, aged between 3 and 18 years – have only just recently moved form a rented house to their own land. There, twenty-four of them are homeschooled by two certified primary  teachers according to their level and special needs as they were not able to follow the syllabus in the state-run schools for various reasons. Eight more are already in secondary or boarding school, studying at the university or going through vocacional training.

With the support of a gardener/farmer and local volunteers the children grow their own food and thus learn a lot about agriculture : a mini-farm with an extensive vegetable and fruit garden, a fishpond and a poultry – project provide a variety of food and make sure nutrition is healthy for the infected children. Furthermore, the garden/farm guarantees a certain degree of independence to the children’s home – and right now also a source of income. Vumilia is steadily growing and takes in two to four more orphans annually. The orphanage would like to grow into a children’s village since the need of many more orphans without caretakers leading miserable lives is overwhelming.

Therefore Vumilia is extending a hand and currently reaching out to twenty of the most needy HIV+ children in the community, identified out of a sample of  300 HIV-infected and poverty affected households. They and their caretakers are visited daily; they are fed properly and their often HIV+ caretakers are trained in drug adherence and nutritional needs, basic hygiene and they get empowered. 75% of the children and their caretakers are stable and well after 6 months of support. The remaining 25% receive another round of training and support.

More than 50% of the Western Kenyan population live below poverty level, many of them in rather isolated, rural areas without access to clean water, healthcare or power. Poverty, ignorance, stigma, traditional belief and cultural factors are the reasons for the  disproportionately high HIV/Aids prevalence.


Growing the children’s home into a children’s village for a minimum of sixty and a maximum of 80 aids-orphans and providing them all with tender love and care just as well as nutrition, medication and education until each and every single one has completed either a vocational training or obtained a university degree.

Reaching out to the most severe cases of neglected HIV+ children in the community and supporting them and their caretakers so they can take better care of themselves after six to twelve months.