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Nutrition, Health and Access to School

Completed project

This project was designed to unfold a sustainable increase in household income for the most vulnerable, Aids affected households in Mumias after three years. Data received suggests a successful project completion.

Aids orphans from poor families in Mumias mostly lack perspective. They drop out of school early and during primary in order to organize survival, take care of siblings or sick grown-ups. Many of them are malnourished – and this is leading to illnesses and underdevelopment. Without support they will – very predictably – either land in a modern slavery situation or become prostitutes.

Together with our local partner SAIPEH we proved the means for a soup kitchen feeding 70 of the poorest aids orphans in Mumias. We also provide health insurance  (NHIF) – a highly effective support for whole families – and school uniforms, bedding and where necessary clothes. Security and love however comes from the care takers and they themselves are supported and empowered in effective self help groups.

These groups are trained in entrepreneurial skills and given small loans to start little businesses. Some of the groups receive training in rabbit farming – a pilot.


Improved nutritional status, health and wellbeing of 70 aids orphans in dire situations.

Enhanced potential for  self-sufficiency of 300 aids affected households with children.

Improved family income for 25% of the beneficiaries households after three years.