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A Flicker of Hope in East London

Completed project

While our planning considered an improved engagement for the East London Day Care Centre and Soup Kitchen introducing a health component we detected embezzlement of funds and dubious procurement processes. Instead of an immediate pullout we decided to confront the CBO but give it some time to decide on amendments and strategize for future adaptations before our pullout by March 2016. In the meantime - and in order to still provide for the children - we switched to direct payment of salaries and direct management of all procurements for the soup kitchen. After our pullout, the local church stepped in and the project continues on a smaller scale.

The slums of the industrial areas in East London, Eastern Cape Province are hit hardest by the estimated HIV/Aids-prevalence of 25%. There, most aids orphans are not registered at birth and thus lack their birth certificates. This slip of paper is vital – as it decides whether one has access to public health services – crucial for poor, HIV-positive children. It is also compulsory to get access to education – meaning being allowed to go to school. There are other questions bothering the children in their daily lives such as «Where do I get something to eat?» «Where am I safe from sexual harrassment, violence and abuse?» Poverty, alcohol and a lack of perspective have destroyed the core of the families and the community.

We supported the Ncedulunthu support group from 2013-March 2016 to run a soup kitchen and a day care centre for the youngest ones. On top of this we added a social worker to guide and support the families most in need.  All in all, we reached out to 450-600 aids affected children – annually.


Provide nutricious food for the poorest aids orphans by running a soup kitchen. Empowering the aids orphans and improving access to education through providing them with birth registration, school uniform,  school fees and transport.