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… Lin (Age 11)

Visiting Lin (age 11) also convinced us that AIDS&Child’s work in Butere is urgently necessary and effective. Lin is a bright girl with a strong will. Her laughter and her sparkling eyes are a pleasure to see. Her and her grandmother don’t shy away from the four-hour hike to the monthly meetings of the club for HIV+Children.

Lin dreams about becoming a teacher: Not an easy endeavor, given that the school she attends is completely overcrowded. At 115 students per class, her academic performance suffers. She is tutored by her older sister, who also dreams of finding employment after school and of earning money in order to be able to support the family.

Lin’s grandmother, Beatrice, accommodates and cares for Lin along with her three siblings. Lin’s mother lives in Nairobi and is unemployed, and Lin’s father died of AIDS many years ago. During our visit, Beatrice thanked us for supporting Lin, and thus her aswell, through our programme “Nafasi”. Without our emergency food assistance, they would have probably not made it through last year’s drought. Thanks to the regular house visits by our social worker, they feel strengthened and taken seriously.