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… Japhes (age 12)

Have you read last year’s report about Japhes (age 12)? If so, you might be wondering how he, his father and his siblings are doing today….

We visited the family this April and were happy to find that they have overcome the worst.

A lot is going on in the small two-room hut: Japhes and his father live there along with two siblings and two small nephews. Japhes’ father, albeit marked by AIDS, is doing better, thanks to regular intake of medicine and the emergency food assistance. He is yet too weak to work and earn money, so funds are lacking in all areas. On the bright side, Japhes can now attend school more regularly, as he does not have to care for his father as much as before. Japhes is feeling healthy, also thanks to his regular intake of medicine, which suppress the HI viruses.

Habil, our partner organisation’s social worker, regularly visits the family, supplies them with additional food assistance and with the required documents (like a birth certificate for Japhes, which he needs in order to graduate from school). Habil also provides medical advice and, if necessary, takes the father to hospital.