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Success: Child Support Grant – Finally!

Mattheu ( 8 years old, HIV+) and his elder sister (eleven) were dumped on their frail grandparents after their father died of Aids. Their mother left them there and dissapeared without a trace. The children had no birth registration papers – as is so often the case when a parent dies of Aids –  and it took us years of persistent discussions with various local governmental agencies to get to the point where we are now. After the final concession that the grandmothers DNA test – if proving the relation – would be grounds enough for a birth registration, we went ahead. Once these papers were established the subsequent registration for the South African Child Support Grant was swift and the children – or rather their grand parents and guardians – did finally recieve a first disbursement of ZAR 658.66 on July 1st 2017 (CHF 48). From now on, the familiy will recieve ZAR 380 – CHF 26 – per month – until the children have comleted their 18th year. What may seem awfully little makes a big difference for Mattheu’s family: the small amount makes sure that food gets on the table daily and die official papers make life for both children a lot easier: they will be able to access education for free and they will be admitted and treated in clinics. This was possible only thanks to our incredibly persistent local team climbing mountain after mountain.