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Hunger and Adherence

22. May 2017 | Article category: News

Many of the HIV-infected households in Butere have no daily meal. The scarcity of food has increased dramatically in 2017/2018 – owed to draught and pests, climate change but just as much to politics and power play.

However, those who have no food do also take their ARV-treatment – and thus simply stop taking the live-saving treatment. You may argue that after all one dies faster of starvation than of Aids. Point clearly taken, but there is a big „BUT“.

Viruses are cunning and so is HIV. HIV adaps swiftly and thus non-adherence inevitably leads to newly adapted strains of HIV – resistent to the currently available treatments. Drug resistance reduces the possibilities of treamtment and is therefore hugely dangerous for future generations.

This is one of the reasons why we have taken to actually provide food for some of the poorest and most destitute households, too weak to till their small plots or without access to land at all. We will provide this support until the general situaiton is improving and the families can go back to provide fro themselves. This is closely monitored but  the current political instability, huge inflation, skyrocketing prices for food and commodities and absence of job opportunities will not evaporate over the next couple of months.

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