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The Plight of Rangwe’s Aids-Orphans

In Rangwe, Nyanza, Kenya,  people are still dying of Aids. In fact more and more are passing on, leaving their children on their own, without support or protection. The orphans live on their own in Child Headed Households. Aids & Child helps the community to keep them on their little plots of land, get medical and psychosocial support however minimal it is, and get food, access to school and clean drinking water. Watch the movie of SRF, the Swiss television, and get an idea what it means to grow up an orphan in Rangwe.

Rangwe  is not receiving any services whatsoever and the community is struggling hard to fight the economic impact of high HIV/Aids prevalence. This is especially difficult because most people live in utter poverty. The burden of disease is not yet statistically proven – but our partner KINDA is working on it: This year, there will be a mass testing of approximately 2000 people. The results of that will give a clearer, statistically proven picture  – and hopefully get more people on treatment, keep them alive for their own sake as well as the sake of their children and the village.

You can help these courageous and outstanding community that reaches out a helping hand beyond their clan- donate now.