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The Story of Elsie – Told by The Outreach Counsellor of SCPS

When I started working with Elsie, she was very ill. Her CD4 count was at 135 and we always found her in bed, weak and frail. She was mourning the death of her boyfriend four years earlier. She had not been able to attend his funeral because she was in hospital at the time. She only recently started taking ARVs but did not take it  properly because there was no food.  We motivated her to take her medication, to keep her appointments at the hospital and provided some food relief. It was discovered that she also suffers from TB. She finally made peace with the death of her boyfriend and successfully applied for a social grant which now feeds her and the children. She also has more support from her family now. She is well-groomed and looks like a different person. She has resolved her difficulties with the twin brother who now comes and visits from time to time. Her friend told us that we really did a great job with this client, as nobody ever thought she was going to survive.