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Current Projects

Children for Change

Mandlakhazi, Mavelle and Nkambo villages are hard to reach and forgotten places –  located in Mopani District, Limpopo Province. HIV/Aidsprevalence […]

Window of Opportunity

Eighty plus HIV-positive children in and around the remote village of Butere, Western Kenya, meet on a monthly basis at […]

Completed projects

Just as it takes many years for a child to grow up, our projects for aids orphans take time and our unwavering presence for years and years. Yet, once a program can sustain itself, a governmental body takes over or we are no longer needed, we will happily say goodbye. Read more about three successful projects recently completed.

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Children are our future. Yet, many of the children affected by Aids have to carry a burden way beyond their power as they have to care for their ill parents. Or mourn them as they have passed away before their time. They cannot deal with this burden alone. They need protection, support, empowerment and last but not least tender love and care. And they should be able to go to school regularly. We are committed to this - and it is the main focus of our projects.

Aids and Child – Foundation for Direct Assistance to Children Affected by Aids

Aids & Child Foundation has been supporting children and youths affected by Aids since 1988. Aids & Child is strictly humanitarian and politically and denominationally entirely neutral. The focus on the wellbeing of children lies at the very root of the foundations activities. We run our own projects, implemented by selected local partners. We engage at so called hotspots, where HIV prevalence and incidence as well as poverty are well above the national averages. We are not looking for new implementing partners.