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Our Vison and Mission

Aids & Child has been supporting children infected and affected by HIV/Aids in Switzerland and in the world since 1988. The Aids & Child Foundation is politically and religously neutral and pursueing strictly humanitarian goals. To protect the well-being of the child is the driving force behind each and every action of the foundation.

Our vision
Our vision is a world where children affected or infected have the same chances as all other children.

Our mission
Sickness is not only just an effect but also a source of poverty. That is why the Aids & Child Foundation is particularly careful to strengthen the social network surrounding infected or affected children whilst focussing on their access to education and to quality health care and the improvement of the economic resilience of the households takeing care of aids orphans. Our local projects address the problem holistically and aim for quality.



Children are our future. Yet, many of the children affected by Aids have to carry a burden way beyond their power as they have to care for their terminally ill parents. Or mourn them as they have passed away before their time. They cannot deal with this burden alone. They need protection, support, empowerment and last but not least tender love and care. And they should be able to go to school regularly. We are committed to this - and it is the main focus of our projects.