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Reasons For Your Trust And Support

Aids & Child Foundation is helping children infected and affected by HIV/Aids in need of support and empowerment with it’s projects when no other support is available or within reach for them. Our work focusses on South Africa and Kenya while we are currently considering to start engagement in special settings in India.

Aids & Child is fully financed by private and institutional donations. The trust and support of our donors is vital for our projects, thus transparency as well as efficacy regarding the use of our financial means are crucial to Aids & Child. Our complete financial report is part of the annual report which is published in German and French.

Aids & Child is also certified by ZEWO. The certificate guarantees a mindful and effective management of donations by way of it’s regular, independent audits.

What We Do in South Africa and Kenya

Incredibly huge disparities are bitter reality in Kenya as well as in South Africa and both countries are among the ones hit hardest by HIV/Aids. Thanks to the Global Fund against HIV/Aids medical programs part of the HIV-infected population in both countries are under treatment now. While South Africa has announced to start a treatment for all programme, the majority of the infected still has no access to treatment and therefore still dies of Aids.

The situation is especially dire in poor and rural areas or slums/informal settlements: there, HIV/Aids is complicated by ignorance and traditional beliefs that interpret HIV/Aids as a curse. Thus, infected as well as affected  people are often marginalized or even outcast by their community. Sadly, there are no reliable statistics regarding Aids-orphans, child-headed households  or children living with positive parents or caretakers on  local or regional level.

Aids & Child is supporting carefully selected initiatives in remote areas or slums hit disproportionately high by HIV/Aids and poverty. We work with a network of accredited local partners and jointly develop our projects/programmes. Aids & Child’s support is holistic and sustainable and focussing on enabeling the communities to take care of their vulnerable children and aids-orphans.

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Children are our future. Yet, many of the children affected by Aids have to carry a burden way beyond their power as they have to care for their terminally ill parents. Or mourn them as they have passed away before their time. They cannot deal with this burden alone. They need protection, support, empowerment and last but not least tender love and care. And they should be able to go to school regularly. We are committed to this - and it is the main focus of our projects.